When a loved one passes away, there are a variety of considerations that family members are faced with. An overlooked consideration at such a time is the administration of a deceased loved one’s estate.

Probate administration, or simply probate, is the orderly process by which a deceased person’s estate, debts, and affairs are formally wound up. Tennessee provides for a comprehensive process by which an estate may be admitted to probate, any claims against the estate be paid or denied, disbursement of assets to heirs-at-law or beneficiaries, and orderly closing of the estate.

In a typical estate, an executor or administrator is appointed at the outset of the probate proceedings. The executor is named in the decedent’s Last Will & Testament. However, if the decedent died without a will the Court may appoint an individual, called an administrator. The executor or administrator, with assistance of counsel, performs much of the administration of the estate.

In any probate proceeding, the law requires the executor or administrator to take specific actions and file certain documents. Guidance by qualified and competent counsel can make the probate process quick, easy, and minimize the burden on a decedent’s family.

Nick Clemmons with the Law Offices of Hugh Green provides such probate services in the greater Middle Tennessee area, including Wilson, Rutherford, Smith, Trousdale, Macon, Jackson, Sumner, DeKalb and Cannon counties.

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