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Attorney Hugh Green Lebanon TennesseeWhether you’ve been charged with simple possession of marijuana or sale of prescription drugs, a drug charge can dramatically impact your life and future. In fact, even a simple drug possession charge can carry up to a year of jail time.

Getting convicted of a drug crime can have serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced, criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate this difficult legal issue and help you minimize the effect of this charge on your future.

Types of Tennessee Drug Charges We Handle

The state of Tennessee has multiple types of drug charges with varying degrees of penalties. Here’s a quick breakdown of the various types of drug charges you may face:

  • Simple possession – This is the lowest drug offense in Tennessee. But even this misdemeanor charge can mean fines and up to a year of jail time.
  • Possession with intent – Possession of drugs in larger quantities is viewed by the state of Tennessee as having the intent to distribute the drug. This charge carries heavier penalties.
  • Sale of a controlled substance – In these cases, typically an undercover law enforcement officer is involved in the sale. This is a felony, but the penalties vary by type of drug and amount.
  • Drug trafficking / Manufacturing – One of the most serious drug charges , it comes with mandatory minimum sentences and hefty fines.

Each of these charges come with serious consequences. We have successfully represented countless clients in drug cases in our 40 years of practicing criminal law. We want to help you too.

A Strong Defense Strategy for Your Drug Case

We will build an aggressive defense strategy for your case to minimize the impact of your drug charges and work to eliminate the need for unnecessary jail time.

We’ll also walk you through the entire process so you can feel confident that you are making smart decisions throughout the entirety of your case. And we don’t pull any punches or sugarcoat the situation. You can expect that you’ll get our honest advice every step of the way.

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